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If you are planning on growing your Cannabis indoors, you most likely have already taken a look at the different 光ing options available. Every grower has his or her personal preference for grow 光s, and you have probably already received advice about setting up your own 光ing system in one way or another. But how do you know that it is the best way for you?

This 文章 will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision that will be best for you. It includes the various options for customization, as well as a few essential tips that are useful for every 光ing system.

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You can get a better feel for the setup of a new 光ing system by reading through the entire thing, or using it as a reference for more specific aspects of 光ing and Cannabis. The main topics covered are:


marijuana 光 cycle

One of the easiest to control and most important factors contributing to cannabis growth are the 光 cycles. As with all plants, cannabis relies on 光 as the foundation for the photosynthesis (维基) 过程,植物生产食物和能源的过程。在自然环境下,大麻将在特定环境中跟随季节的变化。它会发芽,生长,开花,并随着对环境变化的反应而全部播种。


These changes include changes in 光 exposure, changes in temperature, and changes in relative humidity. The most important factor is almost always 光, however, especially the cycles in which 光ing occurs. The cycles of 光 and darkness are roughly equivalent to the relation of hours of night and hours of daylight in a day.

Generally, cannabis plants get more 光 in a vegetative 相, and equal amounts of 光 and darkness during flowering cycles. Cannabis seeds are typically germinated during the spring when the hours of sunlight in a day begin to increase. They will continue to grow until the days get shorter and shorter.



18 hours of 光 + 6 hours of darkness = vegetation phase

12 hours of 光 + 12 hours of darkness = flowering 相

A pure Cannabis Sativa strain is not as sensitive to the 光 changes as some other varieties because it is originally from tropical regions of the globe. Generally speaking, the relationship between night and day is more stable in these tropical regions and changes relatively little between seasons. This is one of the reasons that Cannabis Sativa is larger than other varieties, taking up to 5 full months to reach maturity. Because it becomes so large before flowering, it is not as common for indoor gardeners to use a Pure Sativa strain. Hybrids can be grown without any problems.

如果您在户外生长,请注意您所生长的区域,并确保气候合适。如果在本地热带地区以外种植,苜蓿很容易在寒冷的天气中死亡或受伤,然后才有机会成熟或开花。使用温室可以使这种情况有所改善。阅读文章 适合您气候的最佳户外大麻种子 for more information

Feel free to experiment and do your own research into 光 cycles. Every cannabis strain will react slightly differently to different stimuli. The bottom line is that the 光 cycle is very important to the end product harvested. When cannabis plants receive the right amounts of 光 in the right cycles, the plant will thrive. A plant flowers when the ratio of 光/dark is equal while they will stop flowering when the periods of darkness are interrupted by 光.

More 光 = More weed

more 光 is more weed

Regardless of whether you choose to grow your cannabis indoors or out, you are going to need a good source of 光. More 光 means more weed. In nature, plants use the sun. Light is the force which makes photosynthesis possible, converting that energy into usable glucose and oxygen. Photosynthesis splits hydrogen from oxygen and then combines with oxygen and glucose.

葡萄糖 is the fuel of the plant, the chemical that powers the basic building and growing functions that carry Cannabis from seed to smoke. Your plants use a lot of 光 to produce it, and, in general, the more, the better. The important thing to remember is to keep the rest of the environment balanced with whatever amount of 光 you’re applying. You need to monitor the temperature, humidity, and levels of carbon dioxide in the air. Beyond that, your plant requires adequate nutrients and plenty of water.

Your eventual goal as a grower is a high-quality yield of buds, and this will be determined in great part by the amount of 光 your plants receive. Cannabis is especially receptive to heavy 光ing, and the quality and size of your flowers will be determined in part by all those lumens!

通常,您希望在生长室中每10平方英尺至少30,000 lm。在适当平衡环境的情况下,每10平方英尺可以达到80,000 lm。除非您打算花费大量时间,精力和金钱来确保环境不断进行必要的调整,否则请不要这样做。

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The flowers or buds of the Cannabis plant are comprised of the stalk, the leaf, and the calyx. If a plant receives 光 in abundance, then the plant will focus more on producing calyces than making flowers. The reverse holds true. If a plant isn’t getting enough 光, then more energy will be devoted to the production of leaves, and you will end up with a worse harvest. This is because the plant is trying to compensate for the low amount of 光 by making extra leaves to pull in sunlight.

The spectrum of 光 your plants are receiving affect growth a great deal. The sun has a very full spectrum, but you can control the types of 光 you are using in your grow room to achieve some excellent effects. Photosynthesis and a number of chlorophyll related reactions are stimulated by the orange, red and blue sections of the spectrum. Phototropism is controlled by colors ranging from blue to ultraviolet. This is the phenomenon by which a plant grows itself into the best possible position for capturing 光.

The most important general rule to remember about 光 and Cannabis cultivation is that red spectrum colors induce flowering, while blue spectrum colors promote growth.

The cycles or periods of time during which your plant receives 光 is also important. While your plant is growing, it should be receiving about 18 hours of 光 for every 6 hours of darkness. When it’s time to flower, you’ll want to switch to 12 hours of 光 and 12 hours of darkness (hint: there are only 24 hours in a day). One of the really nice things about indoor growing is that you have full control over the 光. You choose how the passage of night and day will occur, and so you should be mindful of providing it in ideal proportions so that your plant thrives.


different grow 光s marijuana

If you’re growing indoors, you’ll have to decide how best to set up your own 光s. There are a lot of different options when it comes to the 光ing system, and there are a lot of opinions, too. Lighting systems will vary in intensity, spectrum color, and the underlying technology. It will come down to the size of your grow room, your electrical needs, and how much time and money you’re willing to invest into 光ing up your grow room.

When you choose a 光 system, first plan on how much 光 you need to use, then compare that to how much 光 you can realistically provide for the plants. If you live in an old house with direct current, it probably won’t be much! Be realistic, and remember that 光s use up a lot of power.


节能灯 –荧光灯

cfl fluorescrent 光 marijuana

In the early days of Cannabis cultivation, fluorescent grow 光s were used by growers to simulate the sun, just as they had been used for many years by farmers and botanists for indoor growing and early germination in cold climates. Unfortunately fluorescent 光s are expensive and you require a lot of fluorescents to simulate natural sunlight. Not only that, but it requires a lot of different types of fluorescent 光s to mimic the full spectrum of natural 光. Check the best 节能灯 光s at 这个连结


Nowadays, growers still use fluorescent 光s when plants are extremely sensitive to heat. This applies to cuttings and seedlings in early stages of growth. Keep in mind, however, that the fluorescent 光s still need to be close to the plants themselves, usually about 5 cm away. Fluorescent technology has changed somewhat, too, and now fluorescent 光s offer slightly higher quality growing for Cannabis than they used to. If you’re using fluorescents, you’ll also want reflectors to go with them, to maximize their efficiency and save yourself some energy.

HID –高强度放电灯


High-intensity discharge grow 光 were first invented for a huge scale, for use in public arenas and stadiums. These sorts of 光 非常强大,除了大麻以外,许多植物学家和园艺家还使用它们来种植其他植物。但他们 do work quite well for Cannabis, so let’s talk about them. Within the various types of HID 光, we have mercury, metal halide, and sodium vapor 光. We’ll cross mercury 光s 立即将其排除在外是因为它们的流明至瓦特容量太低,无法与其他竞争对手竞争。

MH –金属卤化物灯

MH 金属卤化物灯大麻

金属卤化物灯  通过与汞混合并混有某种金属碘化物(例如th,sodium或钠)的电流产生电弧,产生光。它产生的光落在大麻生长阶段的色谱的理想范围内。特别是对树叶的生长很有好处。另外,它非常灵活:1000瓦金属卤化物灯 可用于诱导植物的开花期。美国的种植者使用金属卤化物灯 在引入HID照明后的很长一段时间内,它们在植物生长的所有阶段均表现良好。检查以下位置的最佳MH灯 这个连结

高压钠灯 –高压钠蒸气灯


In the mid-80’s, when communication began in earnest about growing practices and how they differed in the US and Europe, growers and cultivators discovered a couple unusual differences. First of all, Americans were using a lot more power than their European counterparts. One of the reasons for this is because most Europeans were using horizontal reflectors and 高压钠灯 grow 光s, whereas Americans were using vertical reflectors and metal halide 光.

高压钠灯 光s have the ideal color range for Cannabis plants during their flowering 相 while metal halide are superior for the growth 相. They function similarly to other HID 光s and create 光 by arcing electric current through a bulb containing xenon and sodium gas. They emit a dull pink glow that quickly turns into an orange-pink 光 once it warms up. Again, these 光s 对于室内栽培,特别是对于处于开花期的植物,效果非常好。

You can purchase 高压钠灯 光s in a number of different strengths: 250w, 400w, 600w, and 1000w. Don’t even think about using the 1000w 光 除非您要在地下掩体中种植整个土地。为了利用力量, 您必须使用空调为生长间降温。

最好的选择是购买两个400w或600w HPS 光s: these will evenly diffuse 光 for your plants, and they aren’t overly lot so you have a low risk of heat damage.  Keep in mind that you might want to use a fluorescent 光 in conjunction with your sodium vapor 光. Check the best 高压钠灯 光s at 此链接在这里

‘Agro’ type 光s are also a good choice. Made by Philips, the ‘Agro’ 光 slips into the blue spectrum, and the 光s are easy on the pocketbook. You can expect to replace 光s 如果您让他们运行很多,则大约每年一次。

LED –发光二极管

led marijuana grow 光s

LEDs (light emitting diodes) have become ubiquitous in the 光ing world over the last decade. While not necessarily the ideal 光 for growing cannabis, LED 光s offer several advantages.

First of all, they are low voltage, which means less money spent on upkeep and electricity to keep them running. Coupled with this, they produce very little heat, which means you don’t need to worry about overheating your grow room 如果你 use LED 光s. It also further reduces your reliance on ventilation and fans, adding even deeper energy savings. In fact, depending on your operation, you may very well need to heat the room 如果你 are using LED 光ing.

For growers prioritizing privacy, LED 光s offer an additional bonus— the low heat makes LED 光ing virtually impossible to detect with thermal imaging techniques commonly used to spot the infrared heat of more conventional 高压钠灯 光s. LED 光ing is also quieter than the other 光ing options, without the background hum emitted by 高压钠灯 光s.

Remember that not all LED 光s are created equal! Be sure to check your bulbs and make sure that they are high-wattage and have a high lumen value. The higher these are, the brighter your 光 will be. You also want to make sure that LED 光s you choose have been specifically manufactured to emit 光 at the full spectrum of color your plants need for proper photosynthesis.

与某些较便宜的选择相比,LED灯确实具有更高的初始投资,这可能会使某些种植者对使用它们持怀疑态度。再说一次,它们非常有效。假设不需要加热房间,LED灯浪费的热量就少得多,而节省下来的电费将在短短几年内收回成本。您也无需担心自己的成长空间着火,LED灯会持续很长时间。一些制造商在其LED灯泡上宣传了超过100,000小时的使用寿命,这为您提供了将近十年的收获时间。请点击 这里 for the best led 光s for marijuana plants.


best 光ing systems

The real key to deciding what sort of 光 您需要确定生长区域的大小。如果您使用的面积小于5平方英尺,请考虑使用荧光灯或HPS 250w 光. Fluorescent 光s are small and they will help your cuttings root well. Later, as plants get large, you’ll want a 高压钠灯 光.

理想情况下,如果有足够的空间,则应使用金属卤化物灯 当您的植物处于生长期并且有HPS light for the flowering 相. If you use a metal halide 光 for both growth and flowering, you’ll be ok, but your plant will have more foliage than necessary, and not as many flowers. This means you’ll have a lower yield. If you use a 高压钠灯 光 during the growth and flowering periods, you’ll end up with a plant that is long, but maybe not a structurally sound as you’d like. If you only have space or time to use a single 光, consider using one of the ‘Agro’ types of 光.

Above all, be smart about using what you’ve got. It’s important to have 光ing, but you need to plan it out, too. You can’t just fill a room with ultra-high wattage 光s and expect your plants to thrive. Don’t waste valuable power, and learn how to make use of your resources.


positioning 光 and plants-marijuana

In this section, we’ll run through some basics on positioning your marijuana plants and 光s, as well as covering some tips and techniques for avoiding stretching in your plants. This section will help you maximize the growth and bud efficiency of your plants, so pay attention.

叶子 of the Cannabis plant uses 光 for photosynthesis, and the plant will orient itself towards the 光 it needs. Outdoor, it’s easy to see this phenomenon in other plants, and you’ll see it yourself in indoor growing operations. If you put the Cannabis plants too close together, they will prevent each other from getting 光 and less photosynthesis will take place. Obviously this will cause major issues for your plants. Make sure that every plant gets plenty of 光.

You also want a fairly uniform amount of 光 cast onto the plants themselves.

It’s important that the buds on your plants all get the exact same amount of 光, even if they are of different sizes. To do that, you need to make sure that each plant gets plenty of space. You don’t want any plants to hog all of the 光 and prevent its smaller relatives from growing.


If you aren’t growing a lot of huge plants, you can keep them together with small gaps. Trimming isn’t the best solution, but sometimes growers need to make do with limited space. Above all, your plant needs reliable and uninhibited access to 光 in order to thrive. Don’t let the plants crowd each other out!

An easy mistake for many growers is placing their Cannabis plant too far or close to their 光ing fixtures. Obviously if a plant is too far from a 光, it won’t be getting the energy it needs to produce a healthy crop. These sorts of plants will grow up to be too thin and spindly, lacking the structural integrity to bear heavy yields. The opposite is true for 光ing that is too close. It will be too hot, and plants can dry out and even die if they are badly burned by a powerful 光 source.


distance between 光 and plant marijuana

Below we have a convenient list for growers to use in checking how far apart they want their plants and 光s to be positioned from one another. Make sure temperature never exceed 80 degrees.

Fluorescent 光 2至4英寸(5-10厘米)
Low-energy 光 bulb 6至6英寸(10-15厘米)
Metal halide 光s 250-Watt 8至12英寸(20-30厘米)
Metal halide 光s 400-Watt 12至16英寸 (30-40 cm)
高压钠灯标准250瓦 8至12英寸(20-30厘米)
高压钠灯 400瓦 12至16英寸 (30-40 cm)
高压钠灯 600瓦 20至24英寸(50-60厘米)
高压钠灯 Agro 光 400-Watt 12至16英寸  (30-40 cm)
高压钠灯 Agro 光 600-Watt 20至24英寸(50-60厘米)

One thing to remember in regards to 光 and positioning is that you want each plant to receive the maximum benefit possible from the 光s. That means smaller or shorter plants should be put closer to a 光 source than big ones so that they receive equal amounts of 光. Although this seems simple, it’s a common oversight for new growers (and sometimes old ones.)

Utilizing this technique also offers a grower the advantage of keeping smaller plants out of the shadows of the larger ones, an issue which would compound the lack of 光. If your plants are of similar sizes, it’s not a bad idea to move them or the 光s around periodically to help ensure that they are all getting equal shares of the bright stuff.



You want every little bit of 光 to get to your Cannabis plants. The old saying “Waste not, want not” applies quite well to the cultivation of Cannabis. One of the first steps in preventing 光 loss for your growing operation is to reflectors in addition to your 光s. This means you’ll want your 光s positioned horizontally so that the reflection process is maximized. Vertically aligned reflectors inevitably lose more 光 than the horizontal ones.

Also, try not to use any reflectors with single parabolas. Double parabola reflectors are far better at reflecting 光. This goes for closed reflectors too. Closed reflectors function better because they direct 光 more efficiently into a tighter focus. That means you want horizontally installed double parabola closed reflectors in addition to the 光s you choose.

The two most common materials for reflectors are aluminum, both beaten and smooth. Each type of aluminum does a good job of reflecting 光, but beaten aluminum will help diffuse the 光. Some growers suggest that just painting the walls of a grow room white or using linoleum paneling is good enough reflectivity for your interiors. This is, of course, after the actual reflectors themselves, but your best bet is always going to be Mylar or Panda foil.

聚酯薄膜具有极高的反射性,在帮助您保持植物的稳定环境方面做得很好。  There’s a reason it’s used by growers all over the world. Just make sure you draw it tightly over the walls so there aren’t a lot of nooks and crannies in the surface to cause the 光 to dissipate.


safety grow 光s marijuana

When you’re setting up a lot of different 光s and reflectors, you should take extra care, especially 如果你 are a new or amateur grower. After you’ve set up all the necessary 光s and electrical equipment, you’ll be dealing with massively strong currents. If things aren’t set up properly and carefully monitored, you could experience power surges, outages, shocks, and fires. At high voltages, these can all be extremely serious issues, and very dangerous.

不仅如此,而且如果您使用的是许多水培系统  室内种植者,您将在该种植室中大量流水。水和电混合得不好。确保一切都良好接地并安全,以防任何形式的电涌或溢出。如果您是新手,并且缺乏电力和接线经验,请将这些东西交给专业人员。如果您聘请专业人士,请确保检查他们的背景并确保他们知道自己在做什么。


提示:期待 买种子?参观ILGM 大麻种子店



Can I use any LED 光 as a grow 光 for my plants?

You can for sure use any LED 光, but that won’t mean your plants will necessarily grow healthy. To ensure that your plants are receiving the optimal 光, you have to make sure that it is coming from a full spectrum LED, which comes from the best LED grow 光s.

What 光 color causes the most growth in plants?


What types of grow 光s are there?

There are a variety of grow 光s in the market, such as incandescents, fluorescent 光s, high-intensity discharge lamps (HID), and 光-emitting diodes (LED).

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      1. 柴油 ,2016年11月29日
        在3x7x8的壁橱空间中,考虑使用8-23瓦特的cfl和在每个角落使用t5 54瓦特的两个t5固定件是一个坏主意,还是我需要做一些不同的事情
        1. 由德曼·布德萨韦(de man budsaway) ,2017年2月10日
          我有一个4.5英寸高3英寸宽2英寸厚的盒子,我运行了一个全光谱的,功率为100瓦@ 35伏。它变成鲜粉红色。我以79至80度测量空气,土壤为82 […]阅读更多
      2. 罗恩·克拉克(Ron Clark) ,2017年2月10日
  18. MH 和HPS为大麻种植灯 ,2016年3月24日
    […] The beauty of HID 光s (like MH /HPS 光s) is that they are tried and true, having been used by indoor marijuana growers for many years already. We know they produce great results —毫无疑问。 […]阅读更多
  19. 由Latewood.ILGM ,2016年7月22日
    Autoflowers can be grown insife or outside. Of course; Oudoors in never going to have a 光 cycle much longer than 14/10 in mid summer. Indoors most growers use 18/6 for autoflowers in order to maximize yield using the longer […]阅读更多
  20. 由Latewood.ILGM ,2016年11月29日
    柴油 You will be able to grow successfully with all thjose little lamps. You will have to temper your expectations for yield. Plants will not flourish as well under those l;amps due to lack of 光 penetration and intensity. […]阅读更多
  21. 由乔 ,2017年1月13日
    What is Distance between 光 and plant for LED灯?
    1. 费兹 ,2017年2月10日
      Joe - LEDs are not standardized like other 光ing types and therefore vary greatly. The quality of the 光 and LEDs used as well as the wattage (total true watts, not equivalent wattage) and the angle of the lens (90° […]阅读更多
  22. 通过lilchange ,2017年9月22日
    1. 由Latewood_ILGM ,2017年9月28日
  23. 由jonny72 ,2017年11月19日
  24. 克里斯(Chris) ,2017年12月08日
    白细胞介素 - what are your thoughts on the INDA-GRO PRO-420 光 and a set up using the INDA-GRO 420 光 in conjunction with a full spectrum LED 光
  25. 由普亚 ,2018年5月1日
    你好 。我想现在是400w mh(对于vegitat)和400w hps(对于flowerin)非常适合200cmx80cmx300cm或更低的地方。即时通讯非常有帮助
    1. 由latewood_ILGMl ,2018年5月04日
      78“ x32” x10'对吗?要么;你的厘米有错字吗?您发布的内容将是6-1 / 2英尺乘2-1 / 2英尺乘10英尺高。从来没有见过这样的帐篷。 1400个蔬菜将覆盖3'[…]阅读更多
      1. 由普亚 ,2018年5月04日
        1. 由普亚 ,2018年5月04日
        2. 由Latewood_ILGM ,2018年7月19日
          Footprint = the imprint of the 光 on the floor or at canopy height. i.e. Where the 光 shines as opposed to beyond the hood where the 光 gets cut off from direct 光
      2. 由普亚 ,2018年5月04日
  26. ,2018年7月18日
    Second week in flower 相 and my plants have grown up into my 光 which can not go up any higher in the tent. Should I top them off or tie them down?
    1. 由Latewood_ILGM ,2018年7月19日
  27. 亚瑟(Arthur) ,2019年3月07日
  28. 艾伦(Alan) ,2019年4月4日
  29. 约翰 ,2019年7月20日
    Newbie 这里.....can you grow from seed to harvest an indoor fem autoflower (WW) with just one kind of 光 and still get good results?
  30. 由Latewood 白细胞介素 ,05 Aug 2019
  31. 由Latewood 白细胞介素 ,05 Aug 2019
  32. 由Latewood 白细胞介素 ,05 Aug 2019
  33. 由Latewood 白细胞介素 ,05 Aug 2019
  34. 肖恩 ,2019年08月06日
    What Kind of kind of 光 would you suggest for growing in a small 3ftx5ft closet. I want to use a LED that i can switch from veg to flower.Only going to 那里有两个植物。
    1. 哈里 ,2019年11月19日
      I use led 光 45o viperspecter low heat low cost. Veg/ Flower switchs. 3yrs no failures. 130.00 dollars amazon
  35. 克里斯(Chris) 2020年1月11日
  36. 马蒂(Marty) 2020年6月18日
  37. 詹姆斯 2020年6月24日
    I have a 32" x 60" x 80" indoor grow kit. Is a 600 watt LED 光 sufficient for growing cannabis?
  38. 由J 2020年8月14日
    我没看到关于cmh的信息吗? Iruna 630和600wr光谱仪在中部和315 cmh的植株上,一井7植株总共位于12/8个房间下。
  39. 罗伯特 2020年11月16日
    1. 罗伯特 2020年11月16日
  40. 瑞秋·拉吉(Rachel Largey) 2020年11月21日
    Can you use both 光s blossoms for your growing pot inside
  41. 胡安 ,2020年12月2日
    How good or bad are my Mars Hydro 光s 300 watts